Monday, March 15, 2010

IRS Tax Code and Revenue Rulings

Q: need help finding part of the Internal Revenue Code and revenue ruling

A: The Internal Revenue Code is part of the Code of Federal Regulations, found in gov docs AE 2.106/3:26. They need a part of the code, like 1.152-1. (a) and (c)

Revenue Rulings are found in the Cumulative Bulletin, shelved at T 22.25. If they need 58-1,62 that's 1958-1, pg 62, Rev Rul 58-67.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Handheld scanner

Anna and Angie have discovered that the handheld scanner is a little more tempermental than originally thought. The light automatically goes off after ten seconds. Unless the little red light on the top of the scanner flashes, the barcode has not been captured. So be sure that the red light on the top of the scanner flashes.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Finding historical newspapers

Hi all,
Should you get questions about locating historical newspapers, here's a reminder from Special Collections:

A friendly reminder that the archives does not handle requests for newspapers on microfilm. If the library user knows the title of the newspaper and the date desired, look up the title in MadCat (the UW-Madison library catalog) and enter the date span of the desired film in the notes field, including the “P” number at the end of the date span.

If the library user does not know the title of the newspaper, you can look it up geographically in this bibliography, which is shelved in the general reference area as well as in special collections.

Of course, you can always use MadCat or WorldCat to find newspapers, but sometimes browsing is easier.

Further questions regarding ILL of newspapers on microfilm should be referred to Mary Finseth (Interlibrary Loan office).

Friday, February 12, 2010

Chat update

Hi all,
The new chat is now fully implemented, so we are done using the old Meebo system. To remove Meebo from your login on the reference desk computers:
  • If the meebo icon appears in the lower right corner task bar (or whatever it's called), right click on it and select exit.
  • Click on Start menu
  • Click on Control Panel
  • Click on Add or Remove Programs
  • Click on Remove a Program
  • Find Meebo on the list and click on REMOVE. When it asks if you're sure you want to remove it and all the associated files, select yes.

In other news, the Text a Call Number to your Cell Phone feature is now up and running! To use it, just look in any catalog record near the call number and you'll see the link. So slick!

Troubleshooting Procedures

• A-Z list: contact Eric Jennings

• Database, metalib or journal linking (SFX) problems: LIB.

• Office computers: contact LTS helpdesk (unless problem is with Voyager client or library-specific software. In that event, contact

• Public computers/printers, library labs: LTS helpdesk
o http://labs/
o Fill out an incident report.
o Include computer/printer number (these are available on the machine or on a map in the white binder)
o Include in description “route to learning services” for faster service

• Voyager catalog problems: (if after hours, contact LTS Help desk)
o If the problem is just the OPAC (i.e. other modules, such as circ still work), use WorldCat as alternative. Or go to another UW System library homepage. Use their catalog and their UB option to select Eau Claire, and search our holdings that way. For reserve, ask at Circ, as circ module may still work.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Printer reminder

Remember - when someone can't print because the printer is not mapped (and you can't map it by following these directions) - restart the computer. More specifically: hold down the green button that turns the computer off until the computer completely shuts down. Wait 5-10 seconds to turn the computer back on.

This should restart the computer with all the proper printers mapped to that computer.

If you are working with a patron on this, please be sure to have them save their work to their mapped drive before shutting the computer down and starting it back up.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

scanning and shelving reference books

It's the beginning of a new era, an era in which we 9the reference we) begin shelving our own books. So, effective immediately we will scan (using our new hand scanner) and reshelve books in the reference collection. This is a reminder to students to check periodically during your shifts when it's slow for books that need shelving/scanning. And this is a reminder to other reference staff to remind students to check when you work with them. The regular shelving students -- who used to do our shelving -- will still do some on weekends for us to keep things kind of tidy.

Please let me know if you have questions, and thanks for taking this on!